6 months old

Noah: Harry Potter Fan at 6 months old by Bolla Photo

I can't get over this keeper! Between those oh-so-squishy cheeks and his many facial expressions (taking after his mommy!), Noah completely rocked his Harry Potter themed six-month session...just as much as his Harry Potter themed newborn session.

Ivy: A Baby and Her Dog by Bolla Photo

Because the only thing cuter than a baby or a dog is a baby and a dog together! Mollie is one patient pup to put up with her baby Ivy.

Alice: Six Months Old by Bolla Photo

Aloha! 2017 is off to a great (but cold!!!) start with the adorable Alice! She's in town visiting from Hawaii but came prepared for winter in Illinois with her bear snow suit. I just can't get over this cutie!