Jana & Adam: Winery Wedding by Bolla Photo


Congratulations, Jana and Adam!


Outdoor Wedding Ceremony Venue: Chaumette Vineyards & Winery, Ste. Genevieve, MO
Wedding Reception Venue: Chaumette Vineyards & Winery, Ste. Genevieve, MO
Floral Artist: Walter Knoll Florist, St. Louis, MO
Hair and Make-Up Artist: Sarah Lake, Blissfully Beautiful Bride, St. Louis, MO
Cake Artist: The Blue Owl, Kimmswick, MO

Ivy: Ten Months Old by Bolla Photo

Amber & Kyle: Engagement by Bolla Photo

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Kaitlyn & Marcus: Summer Wedding in Alton by Bolla Photo


When Kaitlyn first contacted me about her wedding photography, she said she had been assured she would be getting engaged within the month. (I may have giggled when I read that.) We met and talked and realized we definitely wanted to work together. *Queue happy dance!* A couple weeks later, I heard back that they were officially engaged and wanted to know which dates I was available. For those that may not realize, setting your wedding date based on your wedding photographer's availability is pretty much one of the highest compliments you can give us. :-D (That and telling them you basically stalk their Facebook page and blog....Kaitlyn, I loooove you! ;-) Finally a blog post all for YOU! P.S. If you haven't already figured out I'm a total dork, now you know. Haha!)

Kaitlyn has been getting her hair done by Lindy since she was a little girl. Her wedding day, of course, had to be no different. Her younger sister, Olivia, sat patiently waiting her turn, reading a book she had brought along. (*sigh* A girl after my own heart!) 

As I alternated between photographing Kaitlyn and her dad walking down the aisle and photographing Marcus' reaction to seeing her, on the inside I was actually jumping up and down and screaming "Aaawwww!" (Just for emphasis...this was on the inside! I do NOT actually jump and scream in the middle of a wedding procession....just in case you were wondering.) Marcus could not hold back the tears and the smiles. And I'm a sucker for such sweet expressions of emotion! Marcus later confessed to me that he was afraid he was ruining all those photos. I assured him he MADE those photos! My job is to capture the emotions of the day. The photos are infinitely better, in my opinion, when there are real emotions obviously showing for me to capture.

Aaaawwww!!! (I just couldn't hold it back after looking at those photos again! Love it!)

Officiating the ceremony was Pastor Aaron Love, whom I had the pleasure of meeting two years ago. He and his then-pregnant wife Liz (who was just barely showing the cutest little baby bump!) had just moved to the area and to Brown Street Baptist and had portraits taken for the church website. Then last fall we met again (and their adorable daughter, Chloe, too!) for more photos when Eric and Kim, the new youth pastor and his wife, joined the Loves at Brown Street. (I'm totally jealous of their last name! Ha!)

To symbolize their coming together in marriage, Kaitlyn and Marcus tied two roses together with ribbon, a sweet alternative to a unity candle. During this time, Kaitlyn's sister and a friend sang, accompanied by piano. Music was a large part of the ceremony and it was all performed by friends and family of the bride and groom. They were all fantastic and Megan's voice is outstanding! This really comes as no surprise since their mom Wendy

The newlyweds were showered in brightly colored rose petals as they exited the church. Kaitlyn tossed her bouquet to the crowd of guests as the couple sped off in her grandfather's classic Bel Air convertible.

Kaitlyn and Marcus wanted to invite their entire church family to their wedding and keep the day centered on its true purpose. They opted to keep dinner light and focused on visiting with all of their guests afterwards. The centerpieces were all made by Kaitlyn and her family. They went through a LOT of china teacups and plates for all the tables! It all turned out so cute!

Doing the wedding party portrait session after dinner (and cake! and chocolate truffles! and other sweets!) allowed us to take our time and also take advantage of some prettier light in the evening (but unfortunately, not much cooler temperatures) at the Lewis and Clark campus in Godfrey. They were all such troopers in the heat and humidity, especially the new Mr. and Mrs., who braved the outside even longer for some more fabulous photos of just them!


Congratulations, Kaitlyn and Marcus!

St. Louis Wedding Ceremony: Brown Street Baptist Church, Alton, IL
St. Louis Reception Venue: Brown Street Baptist Church, Alton, IL
St. Louis Cake Artist: Wedding Wonderland Cake Shop, St. Louis, MO
St. Louis Floral Artist: Dick's Flowers, Alton, IL
St. Louis Make-Up Artist: Kristen Beck, Fringe Salon, Alton, IL
St. Louis Hair Artist: Lindy Sutton, Lindy's Salon, Alton, IL

Shannon & Andrew: A Barn Wedding by Bolla Photo

"From this day forward we make a promise:
Whatever happens, we will not walk alone,
We will stand by each other's side, and sleep in each other's arms,
And be the joy in each other's hearts, and your closest confidant.
May you feel deeply loved, for indeed we are.
Through our brightest days and our darkest nights,
I take you into my heart."


Those were the vows Shannon and Andrew exchanged at their absolutely adorable barn wedding just outside of Highland. And as if this barn wasn't cute enough, check out all of Shannon's details <3

Shannon and Andrew did not see each other before the ceremony, but Shannon did a special reveal for her dad...with the bridesmaids and ushers watching from afar.

The ceremony took place in the loft of the barn, which was adorned with sunflowers, candles, and mason jars full of "fireflies."


After being showered in birdseed as they exited the barn, Shannon and Andrew went around to the back of the barn. They both are enthusiastic shooters and decided to shoot some targets together, in lieu of a traditional unity ceremony of lighting a candle or combining sand.


Congratulations, Shannon and Andrew! Enjoy living in Hawaii!

Ceremony: Schwartz Barn, Highland, IL
Reception: Schwartz Barn, Highland, IL
Hair Artist: Salon de Guerra, Highland, IL
Cake Artist, Patty Cakes, Highland, IL (cupcakes by groom’s sister)
Floral Artist, A Special Touch, Highland, IL