Aiemie & Billy: Snowy Engagement Fun / by Bolla Photo

Having never really been photographed professionally (aside from at his brother’s wedding a few years back), Billy and Aiemie both wanted to make sure their photos that would be fun and relaxed…which, of course, I’m all for! Last week’s dusting of snow turned into a foot of FUN for this week’s session at the Gardens at SIUE in Edwardsville.

The snow was too fluffy for snowballs, but Aiemie and Billy didn’t let that stop them from an all-out snowfight! War quickly turned back to love as the two cuddled to warm up.

Majoring in both psychology and sociology, Aiemie spends a lot of time at the campus library. Inside I was excited to find an antique iron elevator cage.

And I couldn’t leave without spying on some smooching between the bookshelves!

I’m super excited to get these two back in front of my camera at their wedding this May.