Becky and Chris 11.02.13 / by Bolla Photo

Unlike most brides, Becky did not have an exact idea of what she wanted her wedding day to be like. This proved to make certain aspects of the wedding planning a bit challenging due to all of the decisions to be made.  However, when it came to her wedding photos, Becky knew what she wanted. She wanted something other simply trees or fields.  She had a vision of a vintage rustic building as the perfect backdrop.  The only problem was finding one in a location that would work with her wedding day schedule.

When Becky told me about the barn at her new home, I knew we had found the right location. But there was a new problem: the only access into the attic of the barn was a ladder up the wall made of 2 by 4 planks (gradually increasing in size from a few inches long). Unfortunately, our original thoughts of opening the side of the barn and lifting Becky up in a bucket truck didn’t work out. (The barn’s fault, not the truck’s.)  Thankfully, though, she’s quite a trooper and climbed her way up. Thanks are also due to Chris, Tara and Kelsi (of Peace Love Productions) and the groomsmen who also helped the bride make her journey safely. Anything for the sake of unforgettable photos!

Congratulations again, Becky and Chris and adorable little Kynslee!


(To see more photos from Becky and Chris‘s wedding, watch the video slideshow below.)

Ceremony: St. Boniface Catholic Church, Germantown, IL

Reception: American Legion, Germantown, IL

Videographer: Peace Love Productions

Hair and Makeup Artists: Perfectly Polished, Trenton, IL

Floral Artist: Flowers by Tess, Carlyle, IL

Cake Artist: Say Cheesecake, Centralia, IL

Dress: Allure design, Frew’s Bridal, St. Louis, MO

Décor: Receptions by Robin, Breese, IL